Do Not Choose Her

To all the men out there:
If you’re going to get married, make sure that you love the woman you’ll marry with your entire being. 

We’re now at the time where arranged marriage (although it’s still existing) is not-so-dominant anymore. You are now free to choose the person you’ll get to spend your lifetime with because you love her, not because she’s the only option left. 

I’m saying this for all the women who’s trapped in a lifelong relationship to a person who treats them as an option, not a choice. Women suffers every month and suffers everytime they give birth. Do get some respect and treat her with all the kindness and love you can give.  

Do not choose her if you love someone harder than her. Don’t you ever dare if at the end, you’ll be imagining a happier could-have-beens to a different woman. Please don’t marry the person if she won’t be the star of your wild imaginations. Do not choose her if you think you’ll try to love her even if she begged. Just don’t.

Love is given wholeheartedly, not traded nor begged.

Every woman deserves a man who’s going to love them for ​who they are. Every woman deserves a happily-ever-after…and you deserve it too.

Credits to google for the picture.


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