I was browsing my newsfeed when I saw a former classmate who had her 1st born during her teenage years. I also had a small chat with two soon-to-be moms just this morning. If I was my immature self, I would’ve been one of those people who judged them, call them names like disgrasyada and such. But as I look at their pictures, especially my former classmate who have a toddler daughter, I realized so many things.

As a woman, the moment you conceived a child inside your womb, everything will change 360   degrees. The things that used to make you happy are no longer the ones that make you smile. Your little kid’s selfies, outfits, and giggles that are not a part of your life before becomes all that matters to you know. Being at home back then was boredom for you, but just staying at home and looking at your kid who’s learning how to walk and talk becomes your heart’s deepest joy.

When you’re young, you used to dream of buying a house, a car, expensive clothes, eat delicious food etc. But when you become a Mom, what you dream is about your kid’s future. Your aspirations change. You’re now focusing on being a Mom than being just yourself.

That’s the difference of women from men. Men can still continue their life. Of course, responsibilities will come your way but you can still go on with your routine, drink with friends, and enjoy things like the usual. Women are different. They have to carry the child for nine months and in that nine months, their normal life stops. They stay with their kids, watch them grow, stay awake painstakingly if the kid is sick and whatnots.

It’s quite frightening to be a Mom, especially if you have so many dreams in life. I am not ready for that, either. Maybe, in the years to come, but not now. Someday, I’ll be the mother of Dan Jose’s children. Someday.

So I salute all the brave women out there who embraced motherhood despite the society’s wild judgment.

Carrying that little something inside your womb for nine months is no big joke. You guys rock. Continue to shine. Be proud of yourself.


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