You will never be the sun, the moon or the stars. Nor will you be the air that I breathe. You are not the shadow that goes with me we everywhere.

I’m enough with the ‘writer’ stunts.

You are not a metaphor nor a simile.

You are simply you, and you are mine. I no longer need to use the figures of speech to describe you. I no longer have to use the flowery words to show who you are and what we are.

We are ‘us’ the moment we embarked ourselves into our journey.

You are mine the moment you confessed that you love me. I am yours the moment I admitted that I like you. And before that, I know we’re fated to meet. You were the old you and I was the old me in our past lives. But today is the present and this makes us ‘us.’ And the next years to come will be spent together by ‘us.’ Not just you, not just me, but ‘us.’ For in that one special word, I could sum up everything. Our love, our past, our fate, our struggles, our present, our future and our bond.

You, you are not a metaphor.

You are simply mine.

Forever, it is.


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